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International dealer for preowned caravans and motor homes


Since 40 years we have been selling vehicles at home and abroad. From the very beginning we took care not to make a common error, namely that of offering our foreign customers a less sophisticated service than the one our German customers enjoy.

Our Philosophy

The peculiar attitude of "we won't see him again anyway", or the lame excuse: "you must have misunderstood us", are not part of the way we operate. On the contrary, we are happy to have, over the years, managed to acquire a stock of regular customers - both dealers and private individuals - abroad. Despite the recent drop in the price of plane tickets, the time it takes to travel has remained the same. We ourselves would be more than a little annoyed if after ten hours of travel we were to be presented with something that failed to comply with our specifications and in no way matched our picture of the kind of vehicle we were looking for. Of course, in addition to very nice, we occasionally also have less attractive vehicles on offer. But we do not stoop to the temptation of describing to you a less attractive vehicle in terms of a very nice one. As in school we give our vehicles - in accordance with the condition they are in - fair marks ranging from 1 to 6 (which is the German equivalent of A to F) and will send you in advance as an e-mail attachment detailed photographs of any possible damage to the vehicle or signs of use.

The Accommodation

We will book a room for you at a nearby hotel with a sauna and a swimming pool, take you to the hotel and pick you up from there. The price per night (including breakfast) will amount to about EUR 70; which is reasonable.

In case of overbooking we will arrange for equivalent alternative hotel accommodation.

The Formalities

Not your problem; we will take care of them. All fees included our charge for an internationally valid export licence plate for one month is EUR 200. For a short-term licence plate, which is valid in many EU countries, we will charge you EUR 95 for five days. Our vehicles with a year of manufacture 2006 and above usually come with COC papers, which make it a lot easier to register the respective vehicle(s) in your country. For older vehicles we will for a EUR 95 fee at your request obtain an ECE certificate; which will also make it a lot easier to register the vehicle(s) in your home country. We would be happy to send you copies of any of these papers in advance as an e-mail attachment. In the case of vehicles being exported to non-EU countries we will take care of the export declaration formalities for you and get you in touch with an appropriate transit agent. We are also prepared to deliver any vehicle at cost price to any North Sea or Baltic Sea port. Or else our preferred forwarding agent can deliver the vehicles straight to your door; which for cost reasons can only be arranged, however, if you buy at least three vehicles.

Herrmann Caravans + Reisemobile

Kölner Strasse 142 - 148
45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Telefon 0208 - 48400-0
Telefax 0208 - 48400-40


Fahrzeug- und Zubehörverkauf

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Mo – Fr  9.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Sa  10.00 – 14.00 Uhr

Kundendienst – Werkstatt – Ersatzteile

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airport Düsseldorf International, 15 km distance, and Niederrhein (NRN) Airport witch is 90 kilometres away from our location

B Düsseldorf International
B Niederrhein (NRN)


Duisburg central station , 10 km distance.

B Deutsche Bahn


Take motorway junction No. 25 (Ratingen-Breitscheid / Mülheim an der Ruhr) on highway A52.

B A52 - Breitscheid / Google Maps


Offizieller Vertragshändler für CARTHAGO und MALIBU Reisemobile

Offizieller Handelspartner der Malibu GmbH & Co. KG
Offizieller Handelspartner der Carthago Reisemobilbau GmbH

Herrmann Caravans + Reisemobile

Kölner Strasse 142 - 148
45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Telefon 0208 - 48400-0
Telefax 0208 - 48400-40